Interactive Session Plan™

Simple two-touch passing warm-up with increasing difficulty.
Ie: weak foot, one-touch, wall pass

Coaching point; Focus on which part you use to receive and pass the ball. focus on keeping the ball low. Lock ankle, strike down, follow-through.

A continuous running soccer drill where players are in charge of keeping their own score. The Player from team A dribbles towards center field and has 3 seconds to shoot on goal. The player on team B is tasked with saving the shot. If successful they must immediately jump back up and defend an oncoming shot from Team B. If the Goalkeeper is successful at saving both shots then he earns a point. If either player scores on the GK then that player replaces the goalkeeper. And immediately tries to stop an oncoming shot from the opposing team. The first player to 15 points wins.

Coaching point: Strike position, timing, and creativity. encourage the group to attack quickly and without hesitation. use one creative move and shoot.

4v4 1 rotating. one player from the outside team will play on either team that has possession of the ball creating a numerical opportunity to attack. goals can only be scored from 1st-time shots and those shots must be on the ground.

Increase difficulty; two touches, one-touch, weak foot finishing

Coaching point: striking position, rotations without hesitation. this is a continuous drill where all three teams are participating

A Full 9v9 game with regular rules, with an emphasis on finishing 1st touch or within two touches. all shots must be on or close to the ground to count. No Goalies teams rotate sides upon scoring.